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There are several different organisations of Co-Counselling in the world, each of them with their own visions of what Co-Counselling is about and how it should be organised. Here is a list:
  • Re-evaluation Counselling (RC)
    RC was invented and founded in the 1950's by Harvey Jackins.

  • Co-Counselling International (CCI)
    CCI was founded in the 70's by Tom & Dency Sargent in the USA and John Heron in the UK.

There are more Co-Counselling Organisations, but I haven't found their web addresses yet. If you know one of them or have any suggestions for improving this page, please let me know via the feedback page!

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These web sites are open to anybody who is interested in Co-Counselling
CCI main portal Access to all CCI web sites. There is also an interactive member part as well where co-counsellors can meet each other, form groups and create projects.

National Contact Persons: CCI-World & CCI-UK.

CCI World News Service based in the Netherlands, a personal enterprise by Niek Sickenga.

The CCI-Germany website with links to other CCI Co-Counselling contacts in Germany. You find texts with information about methods and theory of Co-Counselling, a summary of humanistic psychology - the theory behind Co-Counselling - and an example of how Co-Counselling can be used outside Co-Counselling in teacher education. Mostly in German.

'Haus Kloppenburg' web site. A therapist co-operative that promotes CCI Co-Counselling in Münster, Germany. Mostly in German.

Co-Counseln Lernen. A web site with the aim to support people to learn co-counselling and to network with each other.


This extensive CCI Co-Counselling (UK) web site puts an emphasis on CCI Co-Counselling in the United Kingdom. There are lists with regional Contact Persons, Fundamentals Courses and Co-Counselling Teachers.

Some local web sites:
The Scottish Co-Counselling Network
The London Co-Counselling Community
The web site of Richard Mills in Leeds
James Kilty's co-counselling's page

CCI Co-Counselling in Dublin

The Dror Community.

Co-Counselling Nederland (CCN), the Dutch Co-Counselling organisation.

The Beukehof. In Dutch and partly English. It is Niek Sickenga and Joke Stassen's web site about about co-counselling workshops and other activities of their Beukehof centre.

The Aotearoa CCI web site with contacts in Wellington and Auckland.

The CCI-USA web site of the CCI Co-Counselling community in Connecticut.

The official Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling web site in the USA. It is quite an elaborated web site. It contains also an on-line Co-Counselling Fundamentals class.

RC-Critique or Liberate-RC! A web site with lots of information about Re-evaluation Counselling (RC) that RC did not want to publish about itself.

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These are discussion platforms for people
who are interested in ongoing exchange of ideas
about anything that has to do with Co-Counselling.


A discussion platform for Co-Counsellors who did their Fundamentals training within Co-Counselling International (CCI). To subscribe, send an e-mail telling the name of your teacher and when and where you did the fundamentals course, to


A safe and very busy place for discussion about the International Re-evaluation Counseling Community and co-counseling in general. By default, postings are anonymous. To subscribe, send an e-mail to with the following command in the body of your message: subscribe ccounsel yourname@youre-mailaddress.

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