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How to Change Yourself & Your World:

A Manual of Co-Counselling Theory and Practice, by Rose Evison & Richard Horobin. ©1985. 86 pages. Published by Co-Counselling Phoenix, Springbank, 20 Tomcroy Terrace, Pitlochrie PH16 5JA, Scotland (EU).

Softbound copies are available for £5 or US$10. Price includes shipping. The manual is included on this website for your convenience. Permission is granted to print one copy for your personal use. If you wish to print or photocopy multiple copies, please request permission (e-mail <>) and pay a small royalty.


Part I: Introduction

Part II: Background Ideas

Part III: Working Techniques of Co-Counselling

Part IV: Special Exercises and Expansions of Techniques

Part V: Suggestions & Guidelines for On-Going Co-Counselling

Bibliography, & Appendix